Online videos have seen a drastic rise in popularity, they are often the chosen way to receive and learn new information and content.

According to Cisco, video, whether YouTube, vines, facebook videos or the variety of other smaller platforms, will account for 69 perfect of the internet traffic.

So, if you’re looking for a new way to market your content and increase your following, then focus your efforts on the large number of video lovers. Any small business or startup which overlooks video marketing in the next few months will find themselves struggling to keep up with their competitors and falling further and further behind.

Facebook, the highest viewed channel on the internet has access to a massive marketing and research department and access to information such as user preferences, enjoyment and needs on a level no other company does. Facebook is constantly modifying its platform to ensure it is the leader in any new trends and we have seen an increasing focus toward new video technology.

Below, we will answer the most common questions you, our readers, have had in regard to internet marketing.

Does the quality of my video matter?

To produce a successful video, studio quality equipment and a picture perfect location is not essential, if anything, experts recommend against creating content with an artificial feeling. Viewers and potential customers wish to be given information from a real person, they want to connect and imagine themselves in the video. The benefits of relatable content is that the likelihood of the viewer sharing the content for family and friends is greater, possibly increasing your range.

If you have any smartphone in your pocket, it is likely that you have all the equipment necessary to produce great videos. However, statistics show that the most important aspect of any video is actually the audio; viewers will be engaged with your video as long as sound quality and content are good.

If your phone microphone is not enough, we recommend purchasing a cheap microphone which is able to plug into your phone, many are cheap and readily available.

Where should I post my videos?

If you are just starting out in the world of videos, don’t make things overly complicated in the beginning, the easiest way to get your content out is to simply post your videos on your preferred social media, whether this is facebook, Instagram, snapchat or even just your personal blog. Once you are comfortable producing and posting the videos, you have positive feedback from viewers and you see the impact of your work, it is time to expand and begin posting on other platforms.

What if I’m camera shy?

If this is your biggest issue in regards to video marketing, you are far from alone and most people claim this is the biggest reason they have not started sooner.

Fear is fake! Hundreds of years ago it was used to stay alive, now it isn’t necessary. To get over the all the fears related to video production, fear of judgment, of rejection, or failure, you need to constantly remind yourself of the end goal, what it is you are looking to achieve.

Two great pieces of advice:
1. Look into the camera and imagine yourself talking with a friend, answer the questions that they would ask you
2. Start practicing with selfie videos, get your phone and look at the image while you are talking. Remember, no one else needs to see these first few videos.

What content to include in my videos?

The best piece of advice I can give is to speak a topic you are confident with and have a wealth of ideas. Every person has something unique they can provide, such as personal experiences, business knowledge, opinions or information regarding your company.

There are three great ways to begin incorporating video into your marketing plan:
1. Create video testimonials from your previous clients.
2. Explainer videos which describe what you can help with or offer.
3. How-to videos which show how to install, learn, organize or manage something.

The best advice you could receive is to start now. Looking into the past, when email marketing had just been introduced, it was seen as a novelty, and companies had a high conversion rate and huge success. A few months down the track, and unwanted emails were sent straight to the spam folder.

Soon, the same effect will be seen with video marketing and each video will provide less value to the already overrun viewers. If you start now, you have the potential to become a leader in your field and provide quality information before any other.